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Are you ready for a one-on-one consultation with a professional interior decorator  and organizer who will redesign your home or office with the furniture, artwork, and accessories that you already have, or assist in purchasing new home decor for your home or office space?
I can create new floor plans, design a color palette, or outline a plan that gets the most impact for your money! My ability to transform a room can save you thousands of dollars on needless furniture, accessories, or contractors!

Neice-essities for Room Transformations  is dedicated to providing you with an exceptional level of customer service. My attention to detail and eye for a creative redesign ensures your satisfaction in your room transformation experience.

Neice-essities for Room Transformations is proud to offer a wide array of services, including:

  •  Interior Decorating & Redesign
  •  Home Staging
  •  Organizing & Cleaning
  •  Personal Shopping  
  •  Holiday Decorating! (. . .all seasons!)

1)  HOME STAGING: (For the Seller AND Non-Seller):
Home staging is the process of making a house buyer-friendly, tastefully making each model home as enticing as possible to buyers, which may include:
      -  Highlighting a home's best features
      -  Certifying a home's cleanliness
      -  Removing the clutter and depersonalizing a home
      -  Neutralizing the color palette of a home
      -  Seeing a home from a buyer's perspective

Redesigning a space is working with a customer's existing furniture, accessories and artwork.  Redesign may include purchasing some new furniture pieces or accessories, creating a new color scheme, repainting walls, or removing furniture and accessories that don't fit in.  A different arrangement of furniture and accessories can produce an attractive floorplan that is also more practical in your home or office. 
Please note, you don't have to be buying or selling your home for a Room Redesign! These services are available even if you just want to bring a fresh new look and feel to your home or office!

Clearing and decluttering spaces by organizing, storing or removing items to provide a more functional and attractive space or environment. 

I can save you valuable time by doing the legwork for you for any home or office purchases you may need for your room transformation.

Organizing and cleaning go hand in hand, but I can provide FOLLOW UP cleaning services to make sure your home or office stays in tip top condition!

6)  Holiday Decorating:
Love the "look" of the season but don't want to fuss with the decorating? I can do all of that for you! For any holiday, or any season!

Neice-essities For Room Transformations
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